Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a vibrant and colorful water-based paint medium used to create a variety of painting styles. It is composed of pigment particles that utilize an acrylic polymer as it’s binder. When the water dries through evaporation or absorption into the paint holding medium, the paint dries into a stable clear polymer film that holds the pigment particles in place. These paints dry quickly, usually within 10 minutes with thin applications. During that first 10 minutes, they can easily be cleaned up with water, but once dry, they are permanent. There is low odor with these paints, and they do not create fumes. Do not thin the paint with more than 25% water. This will cause the paint polymer to lose the ability to form a stable film. Instead of water to thin the paint, use a clear acrylic medium. This will keep the formula and film stable. When using the acrylic paint, it will appear milky during initial application. As the paint dries and the water evaporates it will become darker in hue and the milkiness will disappear. They are flexible but not in temperatures below 45° F. When room temperature is below 45° F do not roll, unroll, or flex the artwork. The paint is more brittle at these temperatures. When receiving art work done in this medium, let set in the room it will be displayed for 24 hours to acclimate to the temperature before unrolling and framing. This will prevent cracking. Future storage of this medium should always be laid flat and at normal room temperature and low humidity.

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